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Today, sugar-sweetened drinks make up the single largest source of calories in the American diet. Not so long ago, sodas came in 8-oz bottles with 97 calories. Now, they are often served in 64-oz "cups" with 776 calories, each of which is nutritionally empty. Thankfully, a consciousness around healthy drinking is beginning to coalesce. Sodas have been kicked out of schools, hospitals, and organic markets. New York City has already banned the sale of sodas over 16 ounces in multiple locations and Washington, DC is considering similar restrictions.

Capital Kombucha is one step closer towards a local, responsible drink economy, where you know the people who make your drinks just like the farmers that grow your food. Our mission is to unite consumers, local businesses, vendors, and growers. As your neighbors, we invite you to hold us accountable. 

Below is a running collection of news related to the rebirth of a local drink economy and other interesting food and wellness related stories. Stay tuned + stay in touch. Together, lets drink better, live wiser.

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