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Ginger: Spice + everything nice
Kombucha, Fresh Ginger, Honey

Mint Lime: Summer in a bottle
Kombucha, Fresh Mint, Fresh Lime, Honey

Basil Lemongrass: Thai-style refreshment
Kombucha, Fresh Basil, Fresh Lemongrass, Honey

Cherry Blossom: The Taste of DC
Kombucha, Cherry Puree, Rose Water, Honey

Granny Smith: A tart winter taste
Kombucha, Fresh Apples, Honey

Peach: Subtly sweet refreshment 
Kombucha, Fresh Peaches, Agave 

Strawberry: Crisp & Tart
Kombucha, Fresh Strawberries, Agave

Coconut Water: Yoga for your taste buds
Kombucha, Coconut Water, Fresh Lemons, Agave

Mango Chili:  Indonesian sweet + a dash of heat
Kombucha, Fresh Mangoes & Chili Peppers, Agave

Cucumber Melon: Chosen by our customers
Kombucha, Fresh Watermelon, Fresh Cucumber, 


Simple Rules, Delicious Results


Compromise on taste or freshness

Use artificial flavors, preservatives or synthetic sweeteners

Produce anything we wouldn’t drink everyday 


Make flavors fresh and by hand

Buy from local growers and vendors whenever possible

Be bold and have fun



Our modern kombucha can be enjoyed any time – with breakfast, after a long work out, or inside a cocktail for a guilt-free happy hour. 

Check here for new do-it-yourself kombucha recipes. 

Kombucha Storm
3oz Ginger Capital Kombucha
1.5oz your favorite spiced rum
.5oz honey simple syrup 
Dash of fresh ginger juice

Shake well, strain, serve over ice and garnish with a slice of fresh ginger


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